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Experience Our Orchard

All of our products are made with taste and authenticity in mind. Quality over quantity is a core aspect of our range. We produce in  a nano scale to enable us to use the best local ingredients, which are often not be available at typical commercial scales.

Our Location

Our farm is in Collegelands County Armagh. Armagh is often referred to as Ireland’s orchard county due to the abundance of orchards in the area. The unique climate, landscape and soils in armagh produce world renowned apples and cider. Collegelands is in the heart of the areas capable of growing the Armagh Bramley Apple.

Learn about the Process

All of our products are made with apples grown on our own small family farm. Apples are harvested in autumn and then pressed by hand to make the apple juice we use to create all of our products. Products are made in small batches to enable our use of smaller scale and local additional ingredients when applicable such as Armagh honey. Each batch is made with patience and allowed to age until perfect

Where To Find Our Products


Ice Cider

Our sweet dessert wine made from cryodistilled hand pressed apple juice.


Golden Parnell Dry Cider

Our fresh, crisp and flavourful dry cider.


Malic malus sour cider

Our bold sour cider made from the pgi Armagh Bramley apples which provide the natural sour flavour.

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