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Everything Is Made In Small Batches On Our Family Farm

Golden Parnell Dry Cider


Low tannin, light, and dry. Like the sour cider this dry cider was born from the lack of local dry ciders. Though they do exist in name none were dry enough to be comparable to a brut wine, as Golden Parnell is. The primary apple, golden delicious, is a low tannin apple bursting with flavour and its juice is the highlight of October. The lower tannin content enables it to be dry without encountering astringent and musty flavours that higher tannin apples can produce when dry.



Our cider is made from 100% Armagh apples, all grown on our small farm in Collegeland, Co. Armagh. Golden Parnell is made from a blend of our amazingly juicy eating apples. Including Golden Delicious, Worchester, Red Spartan, Lord Lambourne and Jonagold.

‘Golden Parnell’s’ namesake comes from our farm’s abundance of the Golden Delicious apple. We also pay hommage to Collegeland’s one-time owner, John Parnell. The father of Charles Parnell.

A taste of history in every sip.


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