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Everything Is Made In Small Batches On Our Family Farm

Aghinlig Orchard Ice Cider


The Ice Cider is made in the smallest batches possible, 12 bottles at a time. The small batch sizes make this a premium and unique experience every time. The slightly increased acidity allows it to appeal to those that may not usually favour a dessert wine, while remaining sweet and smooth enough for those that do. The flavour is more apple than any apple you have eaten with a smooth sweetness similarities to honey and Vino Passito

Each bottle can require around 100 apples to produce. The method I am using to extract the concentrated juices leads to a more genuine, fresh apple flavour. This is through the retention of more acids, rather than the more caramelized flavours I have found with other ice ciders.

These wines can vary from batch to batch due to the nature of the cryo-extraction and fermentation at a high initial sugar content, making each one a rare and unique experience.



Our Ice cider is made through the proces of gradually extracting water through freeze concentrating apple juice. This process concentrates the juice while retaining its flavour.

Handmade in small batches to ensure the highest quality and then aged, each bottle is a unique experience, bursting with the flavour of the 100 apples it took to make

Sweetness balanced by the acidity found in a crunchy, freshly picked apple, rounded out with a warm tannic depth. Each batch is unique with variations in the apples used and the residual sweetness.


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